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July 6, 2016 nodinx

At our first meeting, you may have a lot of questions, or you may not know what your questions are. I am happy to take the time you need to learn about what you want to a accomplish and I will educate you about the types of documents are best for you and your situation. It is my belief that everyone’s needs are different and I will ask you questions, or answer your questions as you need.

If you have had a loved one pass away, I can help guide you through the legal maze that is probate estate administration or trust estate administration. You can rely upon me to guide you navigate difficult pathways and difficult issues during difficult times and help you clearly understand what is required by the estate documents or by Oregon law during an administration.

As an attorney, I can help petition the court in Guardianships or Conservatorships, if estate planning was not completed prior to incapacity.

My philosophy is to problem-solve issues first; often there may be disputes to resolve. We can assist in obtaining a mutually-agreeable solution. However, if it is not possible to simply problem-solve and facilitate a solution, we litigate Estate Planning and Elder Law issues when appropriate.

We want you to feel comfortable communicating with us. We provide a relaxing atmosphere and adhere to this philosophy, which allows us to provide quality representation by a lawyer you can get to know and with whom you can feel comfortable communicating.

I will work towards accomplishing your goals. At Soto Law Firm, P.C., we emphasize preplanning your estate to ensure that your beneficiaries are able to navigate the waters of life as easily as possible.